My name is Breanna Nichelle. I am a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. Photography has been a trademark of my life, something I've loved, pursued, and shared with family and friends for years, and now with my clients. This also describes my relationship with spicy wings and Thai food. My professional journey started in Savannah, Georgia where I began studying Photography at Savannah College of Art & Design, which led me to move to New York City and attend the Fashion Institute of Technology.

My passion for working in fashion with models, agencies, stylists, and brands, grew; as did my list of clients! Some of the notable clients I have shot for and been featured with are, Control Sector, Jen Vinh, F*cking Young!, Male Model Scene, R. LEGACY, Vanity Teen, Nu Mode Magazine, Playhaus Magazine, and Vulkan Magazine. My work is often considered timeless, despite it’s sharp modern look. This is, honestly, due to the fact that I shoot to document - I want people to look back on these photographs, for you to look back on these photographs, and see more than a trendy edit or style of photography. I want people to see the world through my eyes - a beautiful and cinematic place where photography capture small quirks and amplifies them into awe-inspiring features.

While I started in fashion photography, my work has expanded into nearly every facet of photography. My mission now is to capture the light in everyone: models, actors, couples, aspiring artists, parents, working professionals, eloping lovebirds, newlyweds, and anyone else who wants to document their beautiful spirit and passions. Also, Puppies - all pups are welcome..